Papua New Guinea: Dream of Culture Loving New Zealanders

There have been a lot of countries which attract New Zealanders. We love to visit these places for many reasons including hostory, culture, academic institutes and even in the natural beauty of the country. Papua New Guinea, also known as PNG is one of these countries that are most liked by New Zealanders who visit. Here are some of the things about Papua New Guinea that most of the New Zealanders who visit like.

Culture of the country

The culture that Papua New Guinea has is unique and often goes beyond what someone would have expected it to be. You can find people that are very much passionate about their heritage, all over Papua New Guinea in distant villages. These people are quite conscious about their sings, art, and initiations and dancing. As an example you can take the Baining Fire Dancers in the region of Rabaul while in the region of Highland some common examples for you are Huli Wigmen and Asaro Mud Men. These people belonging to several tribes of the Papua New Guinea often love to give a warm welcome to the visitors. They are dressed in their traditional clothes and have a colourful makeup and are a source for the visitors to learn about the customs and the rituals of the tribe.

New Zealanders also visit these villages as they are source of providing you with the chance to see and sometimes purchase the historic artwork, masks, timber carvings, handicrafts, string bags, woven baskets, Tapa cloth which is often hand dyed and pots made of clay. They also provide you some fantastic opportunities to spend your wonderful holidays. If you are searching for some cultural event having some colourful nights with a touch of nice and rocking music then the regular cultural festivals are there for you. You can go in these festivals and can enjoy absolutely marvelous and unforgettable nights. Mt Hagen and the Goroka Shows are famous around the world. One should also not forget the Canoe Festival that is hosted by Alotau and the Yam Festival held in Trobriand Islands. Each of these festivals will be a source of some great experience for you with very colourful and raucous performances of different tribes.

Diving Experience in Papua New Guinea

When it comes to diving, amongst many great diving destinations Papua New Guinea is also there for you. The diving sites here in Papua New Guinea will be something extraordinary for you and you will have an unforgettable experience of diving here. Most of the New Zealanders, when they visit Papua New Guinea, are often interested in diving at these sites. PNG lays is one of these sites and is located in Indo-pacific area. This site is considered to have twice of the aquatic species as compared to that we have in the Red Sea and almost five times to that compared with what we have in the Caribbean. Most of the international award holder photos were captured here at PNG. It is often known as an underwater photographer’s paradise. The divers simply enjoy diving here a lot.